Chantal Jahchan

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Resume available upon request
I’m currently finishing up my senior year at Washington University in St. Louis, and will be graduating in May with a BFA in Communication Design and a minor in writing. See what I’m currently up to as I complete my BFA Capstone.

Ever since I moved from Lebanon to the US when I was five years old, I have been interested in the ways that language can be both a barrier and a tool for communication. As a result, my work tends to be literature-driven with a focus on social and cultural discourse.

En Route
Reconsidering the Typographic and Linguistic Vernaculars of Modern Lebanon
BFA Capstone, 2018

This book explores what ‘modernity’ might mean for Lebanon, specifically through a typographic and linguistic lens. By presenting photos of vernacular typography and interviews with various Lebanese professionals, this book challenges readers—Middle Eastern and Western alike—to reconsider their notions of visual modernity in the region. See more.

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10,000 Years
The Process of Designing Markers to Deter Inadvertent Human Intrusion into the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant 10,000 Years Into the Future

In 1990, the US Department of Energy held a conference at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in New Mexico. A group of scientists and creatives were tasked with devising a system to warn humans about the danger of this radioactive  site. The catch? These humans would be alive 10,000 years from now.

This book documents the process of designing the marker system. The titling, sectioning, and indexing of the content, as well as the visual cues—folders, scanned documents, labels—are a nod to the  government’s documentation system.

Inspired by Episode 114: “Ten Thousand Years” of the podcast 99% Invisible, which I transcribed and edited. The podcast is supplemented by photos and documents that I collected and captioned.

* Featured in AIGA Member, Indesign, and Graphic Design Galleries on Behance
* Featured on Fonts In Use

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TypeDig is an app for designers and aspiring typomaniacs. With the snap of a photo, the app can identify a typeface and provide a wealth of information about it. A frequent TypeDig user would significantly increase their familiarity with typefaces, designers, foundries, and trends within the industry and beyond.

I designed this fictitious app because I wish something like it existed. On the web, I use resources like MyFonts’ forum, WhatTheFont, and a Google Chrome extension, Fontface Ninja, to identify typefaces I notice online. But when I’m out in the world and a typeface grabs my attention, I have no way of finding out what it is right away.

I imagine this app would be most useful for design students who are interested in typography but lack in-depth knowledge.

* Featured in AIGA Member , Adobe XD, and Interaction Galleries on Behance
* Featured on Fonts In Use
* Finalist in Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2017

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Simple Syrup Magazine

Simple Syrup is a student-run magazine at Washington University in St. Louis that aims to form the foundation for novel ideas about food and art through in-depth writing, crisp photography, and beautiful art.

Led the redesign of the magazine with Noah Baker. Co-director of design for Issues 02 and 03. Director of design for Issue 04.

* Semifinalist in Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2017
* Featured on Fonts In Use

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